3,000 Lippert team members volunteer across the world and in Michiana

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ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) - Despite the gloomy weather, about 100 Lippert Components team members visited Ideal Beach in Elkhart on Friday afternoon to help the city get it ready for summer.

“We’re doing everything from cleaning out the pools and raking the beaches, cleaning out the woods, we were just cleaning the toilets in the bathrooms, getting the locker rooms prepared,” said Jamie Schnur, a chief administrative officer at Lippert Components.

The team members from Lippert Components took time out of their busy schedules to volunteer with their co-workers.

About 100 team members volunteered in Elkhart, but there were thousands more across the country and even overseas serving local communities.

“We’ve got about 50 different teams deployed right now all over the world including the UK, so we’ve got offices throughout Europe and in the United States,” Schnur said. “We’ve got collectively almost 3,000 people working.”

These Community Days happen several times a year and are organized by a department called Acts of Service.

Acts of Service is an online platform funded by Lippert Components, but it works independently to connect organizations to nonprofits that are in need of volunteers.

“There’s about 30 other companies in our area that have already joined, started connecting their team members with opportunities in the community,” said Michilah Grimes, the director of philanthropic relations and Acts of Service for Lippert in Michiana. “I think this is the start of something so much bigger.”

Any company that wants to offer its employees a volunteer opportunity can visit the Acts of Service website and find an area nonprofit to work with.

“The more companies that are getting engaged, getting their team members engaged, they’re seeing that it’s changing the culture, changing peoples’ lives and really helping our nonprofits,” Grimes said.

“We’re looking for other companies in the area to step up and continue to help push these initiatives forward that we’re trying to really sort of set the benchmark and the bar for everybody to be engaged in your community,” Schnur said.

Any individual or company that wants to connect with nonprofits using Acts of Service can do so by visiting actsofservice.com. It is completely free to sign up.