27 cats dropped off at Michiana Humane Society; fosters needed

Published: Jun. 6, 2019 at 12:12 PM EDT
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The Michiana Humane Society was already at its cat capacity when someone dropped 27 more on the doorstep Thursday morning.

“We had a volunteer arrive about 8:30 a.m., and she observed a man unloading a pickup truck at the front door,” Director Johanna Humbert said. “There were eight containers, and when they were all unpacked, there were 27 cats.”

Four adult cats accompanied 23 kittens, and now the Michigan City shelter desperately needs fosters.

“I'm seeing some very scared cats. However, they are in relatively good condition,” shelter worker Becky Blackmun said. “They are, they are not emaciated, they are not malnourished, they are not covered in fleas, they do not have ear mites.”

The most urgent need at the shelter is for foster homes that can alleviate the cat crunch until the new arrivals are ready for adoption.

“Some of these are mothers with babies who are still nursing,” Humbert said. “We like to get them into private homes where they can be raised, have people interacting with them so that they get comfortable with people and just get some loving that they apparently have not had for a while.”

The shelter already had as many as 70 cats on premises and had stopped accepting new cats.

“We don’t try to judge the people who are in the situations, the people who drop these cats here. Again, at least they dropped them here and not in a ditch somewhere,” Blackmun said.

the shelter has enough money available to cover the anticipated $2,000 cost of vetting, spaying and neutering all of these cats, but they urgently need fosters to get the nursing mothers and kittens out of the shelter. If you can help, call 219-872-4499.

The Michiana Humane Society is also seeking help from the public in replenishing Petey’s Fund, which was set up to deal with such animal emergencies.

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