25-year-old donates $30K to build school in Tanzania

Published: Dec. 13, 2019 at 3:58 PM EST
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Laura Hoke is taking the season of giving to a whole new level.

The 25-year-old donated $30,000 to fund the building of a new school in Tanzania, something she always dreamed of doing but thought was decades away from happening.

Hoke decided to save year after year in the hopes of donating to Compassion International, an organization that sponsors children living in poverty across the world. Her company decided to match her donation, taking the total to $30,000.

"There is a lot of joy in giving," Hoke said. "My story doesn't need to look like anyone else's and think about what matters to them."

Hoke still works in the area after graduating from Grace College and credits the faith-based teaching during her time there as a pinnacle point in her journey.

"It's a perfect example of what we try and teach our students to do," Grace College professor Dr. Jeffrey Fawcett said. "The way to beat poverty is to equip them for the game."

To learn more about Laura's story, watch the video above.

If you're interested in making a difference this holiday season through Compassion International, check out