2 charged after 'huge underage drinking party' in Warsaw

John Tucker and Maria Tucker
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WARSAW, Ind. (WNDU) Two adults are facing charges for allegedly providing alcohol to juveniles at what Warsaw Police called a “huge underage drinking party.”

John Tucker, 52, and Maria Tucker, 49, were charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor for the incident that occurred at the 1500 block of Country Club Drive in Warsaw in late June.

Newly released court documents say officers arrived at the property to find two people who were younger than the legal drinking age in a parked vehicle with a bottle of alcohol. They told police they had just come from a house party.

Once inside the home, officers report finding beer cans and alcohol bottles. They breath tested over 30 people under the age of 21 and found they had been drinking. Most of those tested had a blood alcohol content over the legal limit of 0.08%.

All of the juveniles with positive breath tests were charged with minor consumption. One was also charged with possession of marijuana.

John Tucker is the co-president of Maple Leaf Farms. Both he and Maria told officers they were unaware of any minors consuming alcohol at the house.

An initial hearing was originally scheduled for both John and Maria Tucker on Monday, but both were waived and not guilty pleas were entered. Both are due back in court for pretrial conferences in early October.