1st Source Bank honors woman who runs Kid's Closet Ministry

Every year, 1st Source Bank honors local community leaders with their Ernestine M. Raclin Community Leadership Awards.

Linda Lewandowski

This year one of the recipients is Linda Lewandowski. She runs Kid's Closet Ministry in North Judson, an organization that provides clothes and other necessary supplies like shampoo to children in need.

"It's a very strong unit to have in our community because the outreach they have is amazing. The things that she can do for the children in our community is amazing," says Judy Caudill, the assistant VP and banking center manager.

The nonprofit is able to help hundreds of children in Starke County.

Watch the attached video to learn much more about Linda and the great work she's doing.

If you want to help support Kid's Closet Ministry, they are hosting a fish fry fundraiser on Sept. 14 at 4 p.m.

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