16 News Now's Joshua Short speaks with voters ahead of the Iowa caucuses

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Iowa (WNDU)- In two nights we will finally see the impact of all of those TV ads, the many debates and constant campaign commentary.

The Iowa caucuses are Monday night and some candidates are in the Hawkeye State this weekend speaking with voters and some voters are speaking with 16 news Now’s Joshua short.

Our crew caught up with students who traveled 11 hours from Appalachian State to Clinton, Iowa alongside several other students.

Our team on the ground in Iowa actually spotted some of them early Friday at Tom Steyer’s campaign rally in Downtown Clinton at a place called The Living Room. Proof that candidates are fighting for legroom in Iowa.

Our crew didn’t see any blood or tears but they did spot some political perspiration prior to the first official 2020 contest.

Speaking of feeling the heat, another concern, climate change.

This was on the mind of a few, including a mother who traveled from Illinois to hear Steyer’s position on combating the crisis.

Back to those students from Appalachian State, one young lady from the school participated in Pete Buttigieg’s town hall at the Masonic center just blocks away from Steyer’s rally. She asked the former South Bend mayor about the climate crisis.

He responded to this question and other similar ones in front of hundreds Friday night before heading to his final rally in Davenport for the night.

He mentioned his time as mayor of South Bend and how the transition from South Bend to the South Lawn is one that makes sense.

After the town hall, Joshua spoke with some people in attendance and you can see their reaction in the video above.