1-day snapshot of stop arm violations shows scary South Bend trend

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When Indiana Department of Education released the numbers of a one-day study of school bus violations, they were missing some numbers.

Specifically, South Bend numbers.

16 News Now’s Tricia Sloma went searching for answers and got the accurate report from local and state officials. Here are the results:

During one April day this year in the state of Indiana, bus drivers reported 2,653 drivers illegally passed a school bus. That looks like a significant improvement over last year's number of 3,082.

But Tricia discovered there were fewer drivers that participated in the study, so the results are actually not that big of a change.

Locally, the numbers are getting better for most of our communities from 2018 to 2019.

Concord reported a 44% decrease in violations. Elkhart was down 21%. Goshen's one-day count went from 25 to just 2 violations, a 93% drop. Middlebury dropped 58%.

However, South Bend’s numbers show an alarming rise, a 26% increase of drivers that passed buses illegally.

Remember, this is just a one-day snapshot, and not all bus drivers participate. However, if you consider each one of the violations as a near-miss or a potential accident, it's a troubling wake-up call.

Click here for the information released by the Indiana Department of Education.