Young entrepreneur grows his own pumpkin patch

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 4:12 PM EST
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Jack Boggs is an 11-year-old with a passion for gardening.

He turned that passion into his own business called Jack's Patch, a pumpkin patch in his backyard.

The pumpkin patch has been widely successful since it's creation three years ago, and Jack has big plans for its future.

"When Jack told us he wanted to have Jack's Patch, we weren’t surprised," said Jack's mom, April Boggs. "Jack is an entrepreneur. He’s always looking for ways to make money, and he always says it’s hard for an 11-year-old to make money. He found this love of gardening with his Mimi, and now we have Jack’s Patch."

Jack and his family opened up the patch in their backyard to the Warsaw community. "We sold the entire patch, every pumpkin," Jack said.

"People love it, they love it," April said. "They love to see him be entrepreneurial and work hard and be understanding of what it takes to earn a dollar."

Jack spent nearly every day outside working in the garden. His family couldn’t be prouder of the bright 11 year old businessman. This is the third year he’s owned and operated the patch and he says he always had a gut feeling it would be a hit. "I expected it to be successful just because Jesus was on my side," Jack said. "I was going to tithe 10 percent I needed to tithe."

As for the rest of the money Jack made? He says he's saving for a car and college. He's eleven.

While Jack’s Patch is officially closed for the season, the Boggs family is already excited for next year. "We’re very proud of him," April said. "As we talk about Jack, our friends have said their kids want to start a patch so maybe it will be a 'Jack’s Patch" franchise. Some competitors. We’ll see where it goes from here for him."

Follow Jack's Patch on social media to keep up with Jack and the patch year round.

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