The EAS system was established by the FCC in November of 1994 with the approval of Part 11 EAS rules.

The EAS replaced the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) as a tool the President and others may use to warn the public about emergency situations.

Indiana EAS State Plan
Revised Interim Edition
June 2000

Part 1 - Operation Plan (PDF)
Part 2 - Mapbook Annexes H & I (PDF)

Bloomington Indiana Local EAS Plan December 1996 (PDF)

Central Indiana EAS Plan August, 2007 (PDF)

Evansville Indiana Local EAS Plan June 2000 (PDF)

Lafayette Indiana Local EAS Plan October 1996 (PDF)

Northeast Indiana Fort Wayne Local EAS Plan November 1997 (PDF)

Northwest Indiana Local EAS Plan February 1999 (PDF)

Richmond Indiana EAS Plan December, 2010 (PDF)

South Bend Indiana EAS Plan February, 1998 (PDF)

South Central Indiana EAS Plan" Indiana March, 2006 (PDF)

Southeast Indiana Local EAS Plan December 1997 (PDF)

Terre Haute Indiana EAS Plan August, 2009 (PDF)

Vincennes Local EAS Plan June 2000 (PDF)