What's It Like in Your Backyard?

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We want to know what the weather is doing where you live. Despite all of the sophisticated equipment and computers that we have in the StormTeam 16 Lab, we still may not know what it's like in your backyard. That's where you can help us. If you would like to help, please send us the following information:

* Rain or snow amounts from a current storm (even if it's very little).
* Your digital pictures of the weather - for on-air or the web.
* Any unusual weather that you notice in your area.
* Your name and town (unless you don't want that used).

Please submit your photos by CLICKING HERE.

We hope that the information we receive will help us to show all of our viewers exactly what is going on, and what has happened, across the entire area. The weather can vary greatly across counties, or from one county to another, so it will help us immensely to have good information from everywhere. Thank you very much for helping us to keep Michiana informed.

--- Mike Hoffman

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