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From time to time, WNDU-TV may conduct contests and giveaways through our morning news and other programs. Although other more specific rules may apply, here are some general rules that apply to all WNDU-TV over the air giveaways. No purchase is necessary to win. The winner must be at least 18 years old at time of entry. Winner must reside in WNDU-TV's 10 county designated market area. The property to be made over must also be within WNDU-TV's 10 county designated market area. The counties are Berrien County (Michigan), Cass County (Michigan), St. Joseph County (Indiana), Elkhart County (Indiana), Lagrange County (Indiana), Starke County (Indiana), Marshall County (Indiana), Kosciusko County (Indiana), Pulaski County (Indiana), and Fulton County (Indiana). Only one winner permitted per household per week. Winner acknowledges that WNDU-TV has the right to publicize his/her name and the fact that he/she won the prize. Prizes are not transferable, substitutable, or exchangeable for cash except that WNDU-TV in its discretion may substitute a prize of equal or greater value. Employees of WNDU-TV and their immediate family are not eligible. WNDU-TV shall be entitled to interpret these rules as needed — including but not limited to rules regarding entries, selection of winner, deadlines, restrictions on prizes, and eligibility — and all of their decisions are final. WNDU-TV reserves the right to cancel, terminate or suspend the giveaway at any time and to alter contest rules at any time. For contests or giveaways of a larger scope, other rules may apply.