Jack Springgate

Multimedia Journalist
Jack Springgate

Jack joined WNDU with a passion for highlighting the people, places, and businesses that make us proud to call Michiana home.

He spends half his time investigating, reporting, and putting together stories for afternoon newscasts, while spending the other half of his time as anchor for 16 News Now Saturday and Sunday Mornings.

Jack is originally from Libertyville, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. After graduating high school, Jack earned a bachelors of arts in communications studies from the University of Michigan. In college, Jack got his first experience in television while working with the student television station WOLV-TV. He also worked with Big Ten Student U, NBC Sports Chicago, and Beyond HS Sports Videography before graduation.

From there, he entered the television industry at KMOT TV in Minot, North Dakota covering a variety of sports and news topics. Jack is proud to bring the experience he learned in one of televisions most physically demanding markets back to Michiana.

In his spare time, Jack likes to stay active by playing tennis and other sports with friends. He loves to cook and try out new recipes. However, that doesn't stop him from trying out the best restaurants around the Great Lakes. Jack also likes to spend time with his immediate family back home in Libertyville, while visiting more relatives in Kalamazoo and South Haven.

Jack loves hearing from viewers and can be reached at jack.springgate@wndu.com.