Students march and perform to end gun violence

Published: Nov. 6, 2023 at 11:29 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Students across Michiana are saying enough is enough.

Students participated in a march and play at the South Bend Civic Theatre on Monday night in a call to action to end gun violence in our community.

More than 50 communities across the country participated in this year’s reading called “ENOUGH! Plays to End Gun Violence.” Students on scene say too many kids their age are dying because of gun violence and something has to change.

People gathered at First Presbyterian Church in South Bend Monday for a reception, followed by a march downtown to end gun violence.

They stopped outside the courthouse to share messages:

“Enough is enough. Me, myself, is tired. I am tired of seeing kids die from the hand of gun fire. I am tired of getting phone calls. I am tired of walking behind a casket.”

The march ended at the South Bend Civic Theatre, where students participated in a nationwide reading of “ENOUGH! Plays to End Gun Violence.”

The 10-minute plays were written by other students across the country, and they’re meant to provide insight and perspective on how gun violence impacts younger generations.

These plays allow students to feel heard.

“There’s a lot of shootings happening, a lot of people my age who are getting caught up in that stuff and dying and being in this play can help me to make a difference,” said James Savannah, a student.

Jonah Godette says this violence is bad.

“Bad, because people are getting hurt,” Godette told 16 News Now.

ENOUGH! challenges teens to confront gun violence by becoming leaders and taking action.

“It’s a chance to allow kids who participate in those arts to shine and that’s a good thing when they rally around a cause such as putting a stop to gun violence that’s an even better thing,” said Mychael Winston with SAVE Outreach.

“I am standing in the gap for them. I am trying to keep them alive. I need them to take care of me in my days, so without our future we are saying this for nothing because we are fighting for the future,” explained Loria Perez, director of ENOUGH!

Next year, the students will get to write their own plays to really help give that local perspective.