String of break-ins in Twyckenham Hills, Ridgedale neighborhoods

Published: Sep. 21, 2023 at 11:02 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - People gathered at Living Stones Church in South Bend Thursday night after a string of break-ins in the Twyckenham Hills and Ridgedale neighborhoods.

“This neighborhood has always been a really friendly neighborhood where everybody gets along, where everybody knows each other, everybody tries to help out one another. And for the most part really been peaceful,” said South Bend resident and business owner Avromi Klor.

The police department said there have been home invasions, car break-ins and even an abduction.

“At least one of them was an armed break in, in which a young woman was abducted. Thankfully, everybody’s alright, but it’s still concerning for that family and for everybody who is living nearby; and people are nervous and want to see what’s being done and what could be done to make the neighborhood safe,” said South Bend Common Council member Eli Wax.

“Right on my block, right across from my home, there were three break-ins: car, a truck and an actual home invasion. The abduction happened only two blocks from where I live,” said Klor.

Police said these were not targeted situations.

“Everybody is coming up to one another, fearful. They are afraid. They say their kids are having nightmares. Are they going to be the next house to be broken into in the middle of the night?” said Klor.

Officers say to look out for another one, lock your car doors, take everything out of your car, keep lights on and install a security system.

Businesses and residents can register their cameras on the police department’s system to help with better tracking.

“And, finally, just for our community to come together, that’s really the most that we could do is to be unified. We protect each other. We support each other. And we help each other,” said Wax.

Officers will also have extra patrols in these neighborhoods.

They said it takes everyone to make the community better.