‘Behind the Screen’: Meet the crew behind ND Stadium’s video board

Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 7:35 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - It’s loud, electrifying, and just downright fun!

Since 2017, the stadium’s video board has been like the 12th man — energizing the crowd and giving the team that extra spark.

“It’s amazing, not only the size of it, but the clarity and then of course the content,” said Don Scott, assistant athletic director for fan experience.

The House that Rockne Built has its own big screen TV.

“To just amplify the experience in there and it helps our football team it helps all of our student athletes,” Scott said.

“Clean execution is one of my top priorities,” said Nathan Bush, lead producer of live events for Fighting Irish Media. “The better the atmosphere, the better they’re going to play, and that’s kind of my number one goal.”

And they do it by firing up the fans.

“From the song selections we play and the moments on the field, the replays. That to me is the top priority,” Bush said.

This team is always thinking ahead.

“I kind of treat it like a chess match,” Bush said. “I’m kind of thinking two or three steps ahead.”

Like when it’s time to remind the crowd to get loud.

“We get the fans as loud as possible, and we get things as rowdy as possible on third and fourth downs, and first and second downs,” Bush said.

Sometimes, the stadium gets so loud that the other team has to call a time out.

“That’s more of the crowd than anything,” Bush said. “I’m just here trying to instigate, I guess you could call it.”

But the best crowd pleaser of all isn’t even about football.

“One of the biggest pops you’ll get is when Father Pete is on for the mass video,” Scott said. “The students just go crazy for him.”

Just how big is that big screen? Over 54 feet high and over 95 feet wide!

Our thanks to Fighting Irish Media for their assistance with this story.

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