Former Vice President Mike Pence speaks to students at Career Academy

Published: May. 25, 2023 at 5:10 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - It’s sounding more and more like Mike Pence will run for president.

It was announced today that Pence will get his own C.N.N. presidential town hall meeting set for June 7 in Iowa.

A previous town hall featured former President Donald Trump, while another with Nikki Haley is set for June 4.

It just so happens that former Vice President Pence passed through South Bend today. He has yet to declare as a candidate, but with such an important career decision looming, it’s perhaps appropriate that he toured the Career Academy—a public charter school in South Bend.

As governor in 2016, Pence visited its feeder school—the Success Academy.

Now that Pence is once again living in Indiana, he stopped by to see what kind of progress has been made.

Pence did not speak with reporters, although he did take questions from students.

Pence did not talk about his political future, although there were times when he sounded like a candidate.

“I have a different view. I just became a grandfather the last two years, three times over,” Mike Pence told the students. “Today we have a national debt the size of our nation’s economy. It’s the first time since World War II. The worst of it is, is that over the next 25 years, as you all go out and begin your careers and some of you end up with hair the same color as mine. That national debt is scheduled to grow by five times. Literally, we could have $150 trillion in debt, which may mean nothing. You may think I don’t understand what that means, but the truth of the matter is it would bring incredible burden on American families and on the American economy, because if we wait to solve these problems to bring about reforms in these government programs until then, the only thing that is likely to happen is massive tax increases or cuts in government programs that we would never want to cut.”

Pence previously stated that he would make a decision on his political future by the end of June.