Crews to pave more than 80 South Bend streets

Published: May. 16, 2023 at 11:13 AM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Crews are beginning to pave more than 80 streets across South Bend as part of the city’s first phase of its 2023 paving season.

The work is part of the city’s “Rebuilding Our Streets Plan,” which is in its third year. The plan is a multi-year strategy to fix streets that have failed and to determine ways to maintain them in good condition over time.

Paving began Monday on Miami Street from Ireland Road to Calvert Street. Once crews begin work on a street, it will take approximately three to five days to complete paving.

You should expect delays and possible detours while streets are being repaved. Streets will be closed during working hours (7 a.m. to 6 p.m.), and signage will be posted prior to the start of construction so residents and businesses are aware of the upcoming work.

More than 30 streets are expected to be announced later as part of the second phase of work.

“With construction comes new assets, and improved streets for our residents for our community,” said Kara Boyles, city engineer. “I think residents and vehicles need to be aware though that a lot of construction means we’ve got workers out in the right of way.”

The 2023 paving season is expected to wrap up sometime in November. You can follow the city’s progress by clicking here.

The city’s 2023 paving list is included below:


  • 27th Street from Pleasant Street to Mishawaka Avenue
  • 27th Street from Mishawaka Avenue to Wall Street
  • 32nd Street from Mishawaka Avenue to railroad tracks
  • 33rd Street from Wall Street to Mishawaka Avenue
  • Ameritech Drive & Cleveland Road intersection
  • Birdsell Street from Orange Street to Linden Avenue
  • Bowman Street from Michigan to Main streets
  • Bruce Street from Kemble Avenue to Webster Street
  • Calvert Street from Miami Street to Mumford Court
  • Calvert Street from Brookfield to Olive streets
  • Colfax Avenue from Clemens Street to Mayflower Road
  • Corby Boulevard from Notre Dame Avenue to South Bend Avenue
  • Devonshire Drive from Chevy Chase to Winding Wood drives
  • Donald Street from High to Miami streets
  • Donald Street from Vernon Street to Twyckenham Drive
  • Dubail Street from Jackson to Magnolia streets
  • Dunham Street from Illinois to Sheridan streets
  • Dunham Street from Falcon to Wellington streets
  • Eastmont Drive from Riverside to Northlea drives
  • Edwards Street from Swygart to Walnut streets
  • Elmer Street from Frederickson Street to Lincoln Way West
  • Eunice Drive from Colfax to McKinley avenues
  • Ewing Avenue from Meade to Olive streets


  • Fairview Avenue from Michigan to Main streets
  • Fairview Avenue from Meade to Kaley streets
  • Farneman Avenue from Michigan to Carroll streets
  • Fisher Street from Kaley to Dunham streets
  • Fremont Street from Orange to Lawton streets
  • George Avenue from Sample Street to dead end
  • Grant Street from Orange Street to Linden Avenue
  • Harris Street from Western Avenue to Huron Street
  • Hartman Drive from Rosemary Lane to dead end
  • Hawkins Court from Danbury Drive to cul-de-sac
  • High Street from Altgeld to Victoria streets
  • Hill Street from Colfax Avenue to Jefferson Boulevard
  • Hillsdale Road from Caroline Street to Hilltop Drive
  • Huron Street from Dundee to Kentucky streets
  • Irvington Street from Prairie Avenue to Kaley Street
  • Jackson Street from Calvert Street to dead end
  • Jackson Road from Fellows to Miami streets
  • Jennings Street from Main Street to dead end
  • Kaley Street from Victoria Street to Prairie Avenue
  • Kemble Avenue from Prairie to Indiana avenues
  • Kerr Street from Chapin Street to dead end
  • Kettering Drive from Crestwood Boulevard to dead end
  • King Street from Kessler Street to dead end
  • Kosciuszko Street from Western Avenue to Ford Street
  • Lake Street from Ford to Dunham streets
  • Leer Street from Irvington Avenue to Twyckenham Drive
  • Locust Road from Prairie Ave (SR 23) to Assumption Drive


  • Magyar Court from Brookfield Street to alley
  • Maple Street from Thomas Street to Western Avenue
  • Marietta Street from Dubail to Dayton streets
  • Marquette Avenue from College to Huey streets
  • Meade Street from Western Avenue to Ford Street
  • Miami Street from Ireland Road to Calvert Street
  • Oakside Street from Michigan to Main streets
  • Pagin Street from Hine Street from Linden Avenue
  • Queen Street from Sherman to Portage avenues
  • Rainbow Drive from Southlea Drive to cul-de-sac
  • Reo Drive from Clemens Street to Mayflower Road
  • Riverside Drive from Joyce to Northview drive (parking lane only)
  • Roosevelt Street from Cushing Street to Sherman Avenue
  • Rosemary Lane from Edison Road to Charles Street
  • Rush Street from Pennsylvania Avenue to Broadway Street


  • St. Joseph Street from Donmoyer to Farneman Avenue
  • Sample Street from Sheridan Street to Bendix Drive (Begins May 18; expected to be complete by May 24)
  • Sancome Avenue from LaPorte Avenue to Lincoln Way West
  • Scholum Street from Western Avenue to alley
  • Sheridan Street from Voorde Street to Lincoln Way West (parking lane only)
  • Smith Street from Huey to Olive streets
  • Southeast Drive from Irvington Avenue to Greenwood Drive
  • Southlea Drive from Lilac Road to Eastmont Drive
  • Springbrook Drive from Hillsdale Road to Woodmont Drive
  • Sterling Street from Rose Street to Cabot Drive
  • Sullivan Court from Erskine Manor Hill to cul-de-sac
  • Sunnyside Avenue from McKinley Avenue to Rockne Drive
  • Sutton Place from Hampshire Drive to cul-de-sac
  • Vassar Avenue from Diamond Avenue to Wilber Street
  • Vernerlee Lane from Kettering Drive to Rose Street
  • Vernon Street from Calvert Street to Donald Street
  • Victoria Street from Meade to Kaley streets
  • Warren Street from Western Avenue to Ford Street
  • Washington Street from Ironwood to Tuxedo drives
  • Wenger Street from Fellows to High street
  • Werwinski Street from Wilber to Brookfield streets
  • Westmoor Street from Goodland Avenue to Bendix Drive
  • York Road from Ireland Road to dead end

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