Wednesday’s Child: Levy’s Advice

Published: May. 3, 2023 at 12:52 PM EDT
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(WNDU) - There are kids who want nothing more than to have a room of their own, a family pet, and new parents.

They’re foster kids who need to be adopted. Every now and then we share update stories of kids who are still waiting to connect with a new family.

Levy is an 11-year-old Indiana foster kid who we featured just last summer. He wanted to be interviewed again because he really wants to find a family who will keep him.

It was Levy’s energy and imagination that stood out when we met last summer.

“I like to play video games. I’m very creative. And I like playing outside,” said Levy at that time.

He had one wish.

“Just having family and them being caring for me,” said Levy last summer. “I’m a really caring person. And if you love me, I’ll love you.”

Today, Levy is still waiting for someone to love.

This time, we took him rock climbing at the Kroc Center in South Bend.

He wanted to be interviewed for our Wednesday’s Child segment again, to give it another shot.

“I guess I just came back and it’s been kind of hard,” said Levy. “I’m hoping that like I actually get a family and I actually stay.”

In a few months, Levy will be 12. He still loves adventure and some things about school.

“Lunch and math,” said Levy. “You actually get to use your brain in math and like, I’m a hungry kid all the time, so I actually like eating. So that’s why I like lunch.”

All that food is helping Levy grow.

“I’m five foot and like, a half,” said Levy.

Levy still wants to be in the military someday.

“It’s the same thing, I just want to fight for my country and make sure my country’s safe I guess,” explained Levy.

Levy is still athletic. Football is his favorite sport. He likes rock climbing too.

“You get blisters, you feel the pain, but that’s like not the good thing about it. The good thing about it is just like, feeling. Like you actually get to be free,” said Levy. “You get to climb up as high as you want. I think that’s the good thing about it you just get to be free.”

His advice for people trying rock climbing for the first time?

“Just be yourself. Climb as high as you want. Don’t get scared. That’s what I have to say,” said Levy.

That’s good life advice too.

“Yeah, I like the ‘climb as high as you want’ part,” said Levy.

We do too. Levy has been waiting a long time for a family. Eight years now.

Click here to learn more about Levy.

Meanwhile, Tricia Sloma featured last week’s Wednesday’s Child, Aiden, on Facebook Live this morning. You can learn more by watching the video attached below:

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