Wednesday’s Child: Zayne’s Journey

Published: Apr. 5, 2023 at 10:40 AM EDT
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(WNDU) - There are many foster kids who are tired of being bounced around in foster care. They need a permanent home.

Foster care is pretty much all 14-year-old Zayne can remember. He’s been in the system for nine years now and he’s tired of it. This teen is athletic and smart. He just wants a family to call his own and a place to call home.

Zayne is a kid on the move.

“Sports? Yeah. I do football, basketball a little bit of soccer. I’ve never played tennis,” said Zayne.

Unless you count table tennis. He’s pretty good at ping pong.

Zayne is planning his future. He’s good at language arts and reading.

“I might go into movie making. I could go into sports but that’s like one in a billion people,” said Zayne.

Zayne would like to go to Ivy Tech someday. He’s not sure what the future looks like. He just wants to give it his best.

“Just trying to make it. Not trying to do anything special. Just trying to get through life,” said Zayne.

It’s something he’s done his whole life. Zayne has seen his share of foster homes. He admits it was really hard at first.

“When I first got into foster care, it wasn’t that good. I tried to not go with everyone. I tried to go back to my parents. Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to take me back the way they were,” said Zayne.

He knows that adoption is important.

“Because, it’s kind of like, you can be bounced around in homes but after a while, it’s not that good especially if you can’t go back with your actual parents,” explained Zayne. “So, it’s better that you just find a home that you like.”

A new family is something he prays about. To Zayne, prayers are powerful.

“Gives you purpose. It really does. Pray every night before you go to bed,” said Zayne. He says faith is important to him.

“Ever since I got into foster care yeah,” said Zayne. He takes comfort in the story of David and Goliath.

“From that one it shows how little of things you need to beat those obstacles you just need to know exactly what you need to beat it,” said Zayne.

If you’d like to learn more about Zayne, just click here.

Meanwhile, Tricia Sloma highlighted the need for adoption from foster care and touched more on WNDU’s partnership with Grant Me Hope on Facebook Live. You can learn more by watching the video attached below:

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