Wednesday’s Child: Rae still waiting for a new home

Published: Mar. 8, 2023 at 9:54 AM EST
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(WNDU) - Foster teens in need of adoption are looking for someone to help them with their next steps in life.

That can mean college or career advice along with a stable home life. 16-year-old Rae is hoping new parents will help her make these important next steps.

16 News Now first aired Rae’s story last summer when we hung out with her at the Potawatomi Zoo.

“I fed a sloth. His name is Lenny,” said Rae. “He’s very, he’s very friendly.”

And so is Rae. She’s also fun, sweet and eager to try new things.

“I’m really glad I’m at the zoo today. I can’t wait to meet this rhino.”

Animals are better than people, in Rae’s opinion.

“I don’t feel like people understand me and animals just are cool all the time. They have their moods but they get over it,” said Rae.

Rae is a busy teenager.

“One of the biggest sports that I’m into in the moment is volleyball,” said Rae.

“I’m really big into sports. I want to go to college in volleyball.”

Her serves and spikes are improving.

“They’re pretty good. They’re better than they used to be. I used to be short,” said Rae.

How tall is she now?

“5′11 and a half,” said Rae.

Rae has her sights set on a college scholarship.

“I want to go to IU. I’m a really big IU fan,” said Rae.

And she has good grades too. Rae wants to do well academically and there’s a good reason why.

“When I was with my biological parents I really didn’t go to school and when I was in 6th grade I started going to school again. Ever since then I’ve been on AB honor roll. I think I’ve always had the potential, I just didn’t’ have the resources to show that.”

Rae knows that a new family can help her reach her goals.

“I just want to find someone who is accepting. I don’t want someone who is just looking for a kid. I want someone who is looking for a daughter,” said Rae.

She wants a suitable family to find her and make a connection.

“Whoever finds me. I don’t want to go out and look for them. So like when they find me they’ll know,” said Rae. “I just think that the right ones will come.”

Rae would like to major in literature in college and is keeping her career options open. Click here to learn more about Rae from the Indiana Adoption Program.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in fostering or adopting from foster care, Tricia Sloma discussed the steps you should take with Michelle Savieo, the program manager of Indiana’s Adoption Program. You can learn more about those steps by watching the video below!