When sandwiches fly; Jimmy John’s delivery driver tosses sandwich at customer’s house

Published: Jan. 24, 2023 at 7:08 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - A new video captured on a Ring doorbell cam shows a delivery driver from a popular sandwich chain tossing a customer’s order to their door.

Jimmy John’s is known for their Freaky Fast, Freaky Good sandwiches, but on Saturday night around 9 p.m. on Sutherland Lane in South Bend, this airmail delivery might not be what the longtime customer expected.

“Well, what happened is my oldest; he made an order online,” South Bend Resident Erika Medrano said. “So, then, we just heard a knock at the door.”

Because her son selected the “leave at door” option on the online delivery, the family wasn’t expecting to hear a knock or a splat.

“And my son, he goes, Mom, guess what happened,” Medrano said. “I was like, what? What happened? He says the guy from Jimmy John’s just came and threw the sandwich to the door.”

After being shown the video of the sandwich flying through the air like a rolled-up newspaper, Medrano said her first reaction was anger.

“And when I saw the guy throwing the sandwich to my door, I was like, why is he doing that, Medrano asked. “I have dogs. I don’t even do that kind of stuff to my dogs.”

When her anger subsided, Medrano was able to laugh about the situation and even said she would give the sandwich throw an 8/10 score.

“Maybe he was like, well, maybe this is the last one, there we go,” Medrano chuckled. “What if we ordered Chinese food? And then it’s going to be on my... spaghetti on the floor. Or Italian food? If you can imagine it all over my door?”

All aerial cuisine jokes aside, Medrano only wants the sandwich maker to respect her order as they would for any paying customer.

“I think we just need to be respectful with people,” Medrano added. “Because we’re paying for the food. We’re paying for delivery.”

The total order cost was $11.75, and the store is a 3-minute drive from the residence.

Medrano also told 16 News Now that the restaurant offered her money back, but for her, this isn’t about the money; it’s about the principle of the matter.

“I went yesterday to speak to the store, and the guy just told me I could have my money back,” Medrano explained. “I said it’s not because of the money; it’s because of the action. That’s all. I don’t want the money; I don’t want the free sandwiches or something like that. But I want them to talk to the delivery guy (and say) just be respectful to the people. Don’t throw the sandwiches just like that.”

A Jimmy John’s spokesperson told 16 news now that the driver is no longer working at the store, and they have contacted the guest to resolve the matter.

Medrano also said it might take her family some time, but they will order delivery from Jimmy John’s again.

16 News Now can happily report that the sandwich did survive its bumpy flight and still tasted great, despite the slightly crushed bread.

To borrow from the hit 90s comedy, Austin Powers, starring comedic legend Mike Meyers, “Who throws a sandwich? I mean, honestly?”

Or maybe the Disney Classic, Dumbo said it best when conveying that, “I’ve seen a horsefly, a dragonfly, and even a housefly, but I have never seen a sandwich fly until now.”

The Jimmy John’s franchise store involved in the situation is located at 1290 E. Ireland Rd.

The "Exceptional Delivery" sign at Jimmy John's Ireland Road location was darkened two days after a delivery driver threw a delivery at a customer's residence.