McDonald’s customer mistakenly given to-go bag full of cash with order: ‘What is this?’

A McDonald’s customer in Indiana said he was accidentally given a bag full of cash with his breakfast order. (Source: @dookiedoeboy/MAGNIFI U/TMX)
Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 4:49 PM EST
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(Gray News/TMX) - A McDonald’s customer in northern Indiana says he accidentally received a bag of cash with his recent order.

The TikTok user, identified as Josiah Vargas, shared a video of what reportedly happened, showing his to-go bag containing a cash deposit of thousands of dollars.

Vargas’ video starts with him sitting in his car with a McDonald’s bag full of smaller baggies of cash, instead of the Sausage McMuffin he had ordered.

Holding the cash, he asks the camera, “What is this? Why would they do this?”

The video continues, with Vargas discussing what to do with the money.

“Why would you guys do this to me? You know how bad I want this money?” he is heard asking the camera.

Vargas’ video eventually shows him walking back into the restaurant to return the money to the McDonald’s team.

He said he returned the cash because he is a “good person” even though it was tempting to keep it.

McDonald’s employees are heard on the video expressing excitement and relief when they see him returning the money.

“Oh my God, look at that,” an employee’s voice is heard on the video. “I really want to give you a hug.”

Vargas continued filming outside of the store and said the employees hugged him and thanked him while crying.

He said the grateful team of employees rewarded his good deed with $200 and free McDonald’s for a month.

“Do good, people,” Vargas said.