New road in Elkhart named ‘Walorski Parkway’

Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 6:34 PM EST
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ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) - Located in Elkhart East Industrial Park, “Walorski Parkway,” is the newest road in Elkhart.

On August 3rd, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski lost her life in a head on car collision, along with two of her staff members, and the woman driving the other vehicle.

Now, four months later, Walorski’s legacy has been honored in Elkhart County, with a new road being dedicated to her.

“We could have named a road anything right? just county road 4, new county road 4, something along those lines, and having someone with as big of a personality and who really, really worked for us, for the people, you can’t not honor her,” said Suzanne Weirick, the head of the Elkhart County Board of Commissioners.

According to Weirick, Walorski did a lot for the county and its residents during her time in office, which was why, as soon as commissioners found out a new road needed to be named, they unanimously agreed to name it after Jackie Walorski.

“We did talk about you know Jackie Way or something along those lines, but we thought it was more important to carry her name through in perpetuity with Walorski Parkway,” Weirick said.

Commissioners told 16 News Now that an official dedication will be held in the Spring when the weather is more consistent, and Jackie Walorski’s family can hopefully attend.

“I don’t know in any other U.S district that you can say that just a Jane Doe, John Doe, has the name and number of their congresswoman and that she answers, and that she will get back to you if she can’t find you an answer in the immediate phone call, I mean she was an advocate for every single resident in Elkhart County, and I hope that they feel that lve, that wok, that passion, as we move forward with this dedication,” Weirick said.