Energy efficiency tips to lower your utility bill

Published: Nov. 24, 2022 at 2:11 PM EST
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(WNDU) - The annual debate has started across Michiana, what is the right setting for the thermostat during these colder months?

“Some people are very, very stringent on keeping the thermostat low, some of them have been high, and depending who’s on your household you may have some different thoughts on that one,” explains I&M Power Communications Representative Corey Ohlenkamp.

While your preferences may differ from your loved ones on just how warm to keep the heat, Ohlenkamp says lowering the thermostat just a couple of degrees can also keep a couple more dollars in your pocket.

“Bringing something from like 72 degrees to around 68 degrees is going to make a big difference in the bill. It can save around 10% on your energy usage.”

While adjusting your thermostat may be an obvious way to adjust your energy usage for those of us that have braved many winters in Michiana, redecorating may also be an option. I&M experts say strategically placing your couch, and other large furniture items, can be crucial… Just make sure they aren’t blocking a heat register.

“Because the more you give that space, the more that warm air that’s coming out of that register is going to get through there, it’s going to heat the room better and obviously the heat will kick on less, you’re not fighting yourself by kind of blocking where that heat’s coming from.”

I&M Power also recommends turning the heat down when you head out of town to visit family this holiday season. Setting the thermostat at 55 degrees will stop the pipes from freezing, while making sure you’re not paying for heat that you’re not home to use.

But that’s not something you want to do daily when heading out for work or school. I&M tells us that letting your home cool down and then heating it back up again can cause your heating system to run for longer, which could mean an increase in your bill.

You can get more tips for energy efficiency, which could lead to a lower utility bill, at