Spirit of giving spreads through Michiana

Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 6:55 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Michiana residents are already getting into the giving spirit.

Outside of the WUBS 89.7 FM Radio Station on Lincoln Way in South Bend, cars line up around the block to receive traditional Thanksgiving dinner ingredients for free.

The event was sponsored by Brick of Hope Ministries and ICU Ministries and starting at 10 a.m., they were giving away turkeys, side dishes, and desserts to lend a helping hand during the holiday season.

Over 250 families received food today, and with food and gas prices still high, Reverend Sylvester Williams Jr. says it is more important now than ever to help our neighbors.

It took a little over an hour to serve all 250 families.

“One of the questions that we asked people as they rode down with their automobile, so we could say Happy Thanksgiving, but we asked them what are they thankful for,” said Reverend Sylvester Williams Jr., the founder of WUBS 89.7 FM. “And most of them said just to have a meal, where the family can sit around the table. They’re thankful for their children and thankful for just being a unit, a family unit, during the Thanksgiving season. It’s a beautiful time to give, and it’s a wonderful time to be thankful for giving. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about.”

They also had a food giveaway on Sunday and gave food out to 200 additional families.

“We shouldn’t stop now because Winter hasn’t arrived yet, and people are still in need of assistance,” added Williams. “So, let’s keep being thankful and keep giving.”