Preparing for snow ahead of the Boston College vs. Notre Dame game

Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 7:43 PM EST
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NOTRE DAME, Ind. (WNDU) - Saturday’s game aims to be the first and last snowy home game this season!

Fans shouldn’t have much of a problem getting into tailgate lots and finding their spot, but it’s always important to remember to drive slowly in slippery conditions.

The division of campus safety told 16 News Now that they don’t anticipate any restrictions on tailgates unless winds become hazardous, which is not expected.

However, fans should keep in mind that only propane grills are allowed and that those tanks have to be less than 20 lbs. so leave the charcoal at home!

And when it’s game time, the stadium might be a little icy!

Stadium crews have been working around the clock to shovel ice off the benches and floors and keep up with the falling snow. That being said, it’s important to watch your step while you’re walking through the stadium because surfaces could still be slippery.

Cold weather tailgating reminders:

  • Dress in layers. Try to be as waterproof as possible with your clothes and make sure to wear gloves, a hat, scarf, and anything else that will keep you covered.
  • Avoid skin exposure. Avoid exposing your skin to the cold for more than 30 minutes. Then we’re talking about frostbite risk!
  • Be mindful of alcohol consumption. Some of you will be drinking tomorrow, so just be mindful that alcohol and caffeine make you lose body heat quicker.
  • Take it easy. Your heart works extra hard to keep that body temp up in the cold so sit down every once and a while and give yourself a rest.