Police expected to announce arrest in Delphi murders Monday

Published: Oct. 28, 2022 at 1:38 PM EDT
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DELPHI, Ind. (WNDU) - Indiana State Police will give a news conference announcing an arrest in the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German next week, according to our sister station WTHR in Indianapolis.

Police sources confirm to WTHR that a man named Richard Allen is in custody. Police would not release any additional details on Allen, saying more information would be made available during Monday’s news conference.

Kelsi German, Libby’s older sister, said the news conference would be Monday at 10 a.m. on Twitter. She ended the tweet saying, “Today is the day.”

The news conference will be held at the Delphi United Methodist Church.

Abby and Libby disappeared during a hike on Feb. 13, 2017 near the Monon High Bridge Trail in Delphi. Their bodies were discovered in the woods near that trail a day later.

It’s been more than five years since their murders, and no one has been brought to justice.

Here’s a timeline:

FEBRUARY 13, 2017- The girls go missing. A Snapchat picture of Abby walking across the Monon High Bridge is the last time they are heard from.

FEBRUARY 14, 2017- The girls’ bodies are found and police announce they’re investigating the deaths as a double homicide.

FEBRUARY 15, 2017- Authorities release a photo of a man walking across the bridge where the girls had been the day of their deaths. It’s something police have because 14-year-old Libby snapped a picture.


FEBRUARY 19, 2017- The man in the photo is named as the prime suspect in the murders.

FEBRUARY 22, 2017- Police release audio from a cell phone recording of the suspect saying “down the hill”.

MAY 14, 2017- A celebration of life is held for Abby and Libby at Delphi High School.

JULY 17, 2017- Police release a sketch of the suspect they hope someone will recognize.


FEBRUARY 2018- No one is behind bars by the one year anniversary of the murders.

FEBRUARY 2019- Police reiterate that the case is not cold as they continue to investigate on the two year anniversary of the murders.

APRIL 22, 2019- Police release a new sketch that they say more accurately represents the person they believe killed the teens. The first sketch showed a person in his 40s to 50s, but the new sketch shows a man believed to be in his 20s to late 30s. Police also release a video of the man walking across the bridge and announce that they believe the suspect to be local to Delphi.

(Source: Indiana State Police (custom credit) | Source: Indiana State Police)

FEBRUARY 2020- Police believe they are one puzzle piece away from making an arrest at the three year anniversary of the murders.

FEBRUARY 2021- Police say they receive tips every day, but release no new updates on the four year anniversary of the murders.

SEPTEMBER 2021- Investigators move to a new space where they continue to work on the tips they receive as the reward grows to $325,000.

DECEMBER 2021- Indiana State Police request information from anyone who communicated, met, or attempted to meet with the person behind the fake online account “Anthony_Shots”.

Kegan Anthony Kline
Kegan Anthony Kline(Miami County Sheriff's Office)

All tips are welcome regarding this case. Those with information about the case can email abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.com with as much information as possible, including:

  • Suspect’s name
  • Date of birth or approximate age
  • Physical description, including height, weight, hair color, eye color
  • Address or location, including city
  • Vehicle information including year, make, model, color
  • Specific reason for the tip; Why could they be the suspect?
  • Motivation for the crime
  • Connection to Delphi, Indiana

Police say individuals don’t need to have all of those pieces to send a tip, but do ask to include as many details as possible.

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