Home Comfort Experts donates furnace to cancer patient ahead of winter

Published: Oct. 10, 2022 at 5:42 PM EDT
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(WNDU) - A local man battling cancer received the gift of a new furnace after Home Comfort Experts and one of its suppliers heard the challenges Kenneth Huston had been facing the last few years.

“You can’t be all things to all people, and you want to be, but sometimes you just know this is one of those moments that we can help, we can truly make a difference in someone’s life,” explained James Olesen, operations manager at Home Comfort Experts.

Kenneth Huston had remodeled his home four years ago.

“Then the second winter came, and we - the furnace went out,” said Huston. “So we survived the rest of that winter on space heaters and a fireplace.”

Not too long after that, Huston had to drive to Indianapolis for weekly doctor’s visits for his young son. And in 2020, Huston was diagnosed with a form of leukemia, forcing him to quit working.

But this past summer, his fiancé said they couldn’t endure another winter with the space heater.

“So that’s when I started calling just everybody and anybody,” he said.

Home Comfort Experts answered one of those calls about Kenneth’s furnace.

“It was past the point of, ‘Oh, we could have just thrown a part on and fix this furnace.’ It really needed to be replaced, just for the safety and well-being at home,” Olesen remarked.

But a new furnace and financing options didn’t seem to be in the cards for Kenneth who can’t work right now.

“And once we knew that this was truly someone in need, it was pretty easy for us what we were going to do at that point,” Olesen added.

Home Comfort Experts contacted a furnace supplier, Williams-Shoemarker, which donated Kenneth’s new furnace. Home Comfort Experts installed the unit for free on Monday.

“This just feels like the stress is like off my shoulders, like because that’s all I care about is heat for my kids. That’s all I care about,” said Kenneth.

Being able to help the Hustons is gratifying for Home Comfort Experts.

“Just having a furnace that blows warm air under your house is just something that we take for granted. And so in our small little corner of this community, getting to help out, it means a lot,” said Olesen.

Kenneth said he looks forward to being in remission from leukemia.