Graff Bash kicks off in South Bend

Published: Oct. 1, 2022 at 9:40 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - The 7th annual Graff Bash is underway.

Taking place at Rio Park Events in South Bend, Graffiti artists, writers, and muralists gather to showcase their talents.

Last year’s art was painted over with black paint Saturday morning, and the new murals are already starting to take shape.

Graffiti writer Gerry Guevara told 16 News Now that he hopes events like this will help end the stigma attached to graffiti.

“I like doing this in areas where they’re not familiar with this craft because when you hear the word graffiti, a negative idea pops into your head,” said graffiti writer Gerry Guevara. “So, this is a great way for people to see it from beginning to end, and it’s kind of like you’re opening their eyes. It’s a lot deeper than (you realize); You’re used to the stereotype of the whole graffiti culture. You get to meet the artists, see what they’re about, their personalities, what’s their drive, the whole nine yards.”

Guevara says a graffiti artist and a graffiti writer differ because the writer concentrates on manipulating letters, whereas an artist paints an image.

Guevara also said that creating art is like therapy, saying, “This is like my Saturday morning golf. I work overnight, and I’m just coming from work, and I am tired, but I just have such a passion for this art form.”

Graff Bash will resume Sunday at 2 p.m.