National Voter Registration Day getting voters ready for Midterm Election

Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 6:27 PM EDT
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(WNDU) - This National Voter Registration Day, The St. Joseph County Voter Registration Board is emphasizing the importance of making your voice heard this upcoming election, and making sure everyone that can be, is registered to vote.

“It’s important that you’re checking your status today, it’s important that you’re registering if you’re not registered, and that you’re staying engaged in the process,” says Amanda Govaert Konrath, a Democratic Board Member of the St. Joseph County Voter Registration Board.

The Midterm Election is on Tuesday, November 8th, and it will decide many things that impact our day to day lives.

“I think now more than ever, people are seeing the power that their voice has, and with the issues that are going on, no matter what side you fall on the aisle, it’s really important that you voice how you feel about what’s going on with our country, and you do that at the ballot box,” Govaert Konrath says.

Local as well as national issues could be decided by one ballot, which is why the SJC Voter Registration Board is stressing the importance of voting.

“Really it’s the bread and butter issues that effect your every day life. Your job, your gas prices, your roads, the sidewalks, all those kinds of things,” Govaert Konrath says.

In Indiana, the Secretary of State race, Senate race, and County Council races are just three of many races that will fill positions, impacting resident’s lives.

“Right now, a real contested issue is school boards. So you want to be able to get out in your area and vote for the people you want to represent you and your beliefs for school board just as much as your state representative,” says Trisha Carrico, a Republic Board member on the St. Joseph County Voter Registration Board.

National Voter Registration Day is not the deadline to register to vote.

In Indiana, the deadline is 29 days before the election, and in Michigan the online and by mail registration deadline is 15 days before the election. While you can register in-person until 8 p.m. on the election day.

“And so we want everyone’s voice to be heard, to be able to get out and vote on that day,” Carrico says.

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