ND Head Coach Freeman confirmed into Catholic Church

Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 7:52 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Notre Dame fans got to watch new head coach Marcus Freeman lead his players from the Basilica of the Sacred Heart to Notre Dame Stadium last weekend in the return of the gameday Mass and walk to the stadium.

Freeman has previously spoken about how important he thought it was for his players to be in Mass during the emotional and vulnerable time before a football game. We also learned it’s personal for Freeman, who was confirmed into the Catholic Church earlier this month.

Freeman was asked about his conversion into Catholicism and simply says it was a personal decision.

“I tried to keep it as private as I could,” Freeman said. “Obviously when you’re the head coach of Notre Dame, nothing is private, but (it’s) just a decision I made and was confirmed.”

One of the first things Freeman did as head coach was reinstating the gameday Mass and the walk from the Basilica of the Sacred Heart to Notre Dame Stadium.

The tradition will take place again ahead of Saturday’s game against Cal. Kickoff at Notre Dame Stadium is set for 2:30 p.m.