Wednesday’s Child: Crafting with Cecilia

Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 6:13 PM EDT
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(WNDU) - Foster kids often get bounced around from home to home, through no fault of their own.

Kids like 16-year-old Cecilia need a permanent placement through adoption. Grant Me Hope shared the story of this typical teen.

“I like to go shopping with my friends. We’re old school, kind of. So, we like to play outside, get our hands dirty, bake, cook. I like to color, draw, dance, and listen to music,” said Cecilia.

Cecilia prefers Hip Hop, Rap and R&B music. She’s been trying competitive dance with her friends.

She just wants a family to share life’s special moments. She has fond memories of cooking with her grandmother.

“We usually bake these Irish cookies because my grandmother’s Irish. So, she gave us the recipe before she passed away. And we just make it every year. And I’m Mexican too. We like to bake a lot. So, it’s like a tradition that we give to our loved ones. And light candles on the walkway,” said Cecilia.

Cecilia really likes to craft. She says it helps her with stress. She’s really in love with crocheting.

“You can make it big like a scarf. I actually made a scarf and a bag with it,” said Cecilia.

Cecilia is looking forward to being adopted by a mom and a dad.

“I for sure want to be cared for in the right way,” said Cecilia. “Loved and nurtured.”

Cecilia’s favorite restaurant is Olive Garden. She values family time and wants to be adopted into a large family with other siblings.

Click here to learn more about Cecilia from Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange and Grant Me Hope.

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