Police investigating numerous shots-fired calls in Niles within past month

Published: Sep. 13, 2022 at 8:11 PM EDT
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NILES, Mich. (WNDU) - There were multiple reports of shots fired Tuesday morning on Ferry Street between 5th and 6th streets in Niles.

Regarding Tuesday morning’s shooting, no damage was found in the area, and fortunately, there have been no reported injuries from this incident. Neighbors claim four instances of shots fired occurred over the last month. However, police only have official reports for three of them, two being fatal.

Police are investigating whether this shooting is related to two nearby deaths within the last month. Niles PD is actively investigating the shooting deaths of Farries Maxwell and Raquon Glenn.

These two shootings occurred a block apart, less than a month apart, and police say they appear to be related.

Pastor Bryant Bacon of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church expressed sympathy for the families of those killed and concern for the innocent neighbors who have found themselves in the line of fire.

“It’s causing a lot of destruction to our community and our family, which is the core of our community is families, so my prayer to those doing the shooting, please stop,” urged Pastor Bacon.

“Bullets, what we used to say, have no eyes, and they go wherever they go,” Pastor Bacon said. “So, the potential is, somebody who is innocent, somebody is in their house, gets hurt as a result of that, so this is again a push to say, ‘You’re not just taking other people’s lives, or putting them in danger, but you’re putting other people’s lives in danger.’”

The Niles Police Department has released a statement on the investigations:

16 News Now spoke with Farries Maxwell’s grandmother Lillie, and as she held back tears, she talked about the loss of her oldest grandson.

“He was gifted, and I count it as, there’s a lot of gifts in the grave, gone too soon by violence,” said Lillie Maxwell. “He was a father, and a husband, son, grandson, brother, he meant a lot to the family.”

Police are asking anyone with information on these shootings to contact the Niles Police Department or Michiana Crime Stoppers.