A look at the the work Jackie Walorski leaves behind

Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 6:37 PM EDT
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Ind. (WNDU) - Jackie Walorski introduced a few bills to legislation this year.

The Save Taxpayers’ Privacy Act, would prevent the IRS from requiring facial recognition technology to pay taxes or access account information.

The Fostering Innovation and Research to Strengthen Tomorrow (FIRST) Act, would double the research and development tax credit and allow more small business startups to access this credit.

The Civil Justice for Victims of International Fentanyl Trafficking Act, would allow fentanyl victims or their families to pursue civil action against a foreign state to seek accountability for those who have refused to deter drug traffickers and cartels.

Time for these bills to pass is running out, with this legislative period ending on January 3rd.

“So, the recent bills that Jackie introduced, you know, they’re there, but literally there’s ten thousand other bills that have been introduced, so it’s very unlikely that any of those individual bills would now move through the legislative process between now and the end of this Congress,” said Michigan’s 6th District Representative Fred Upton.

Congressman Upton told 16 News Now that while the legislative period is ending, it is still possible for someone to reintroduce these bills next legislative period, however for now, it is unlikely they reach President Biden’s desk.

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