Wednesday’s Child: Levy’s birthday wish

Published: Jul. 20, 2022 at 3:38 PM EDT
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(WNDU) - There are foster children who need a temporary home, but there are others who need something more permanent. Kids like Levy who will turn 11-years-old this week.

Like a lot of boys his age, Levy has a lot of imagination and energy. He’ll tell you all about the fun things he likes to do.

“I like to play video games. I’m very creative. And I like playing outside,” said Levy.

Levy is one busy kid who is not only outdoorsy, but he’s also athletic.

“I like playing with sticks. And I like playing basketball and soccer. And football,” said Levy.

Levy also likes visiting the Potawatomi Zoo as for his favorite animal…

“(It’s) probably a bison,” said Levy. “They’re really strong, they’re really hairy. And they have really sharp horns.”

Levy is also strong and he’s really smart too. He has a favorite subject.

“Writing. I’m a really good writer,” said Levy. What does he like to write about?

“Probably stories about people. Just how they live. And like, fairy tales.”

There are things that Levy likes and dislikes about school. But here’s what he’s a fan of:

“You get to learn. Learn lots of new stuff,” said Levy.

Levy would like to be in the military someday.

“To serve my country right,” said Levy. “I’m just really caring for others.”

And that’s why he’s looking for a family to help him reach his goals. He’s been in foster care for the past seven years. He dreams of what his new home will be like.

“Just having family and them being caring for me,” said Levy. “I’m a really caring person. And if you love me, I’ll love you.”

For more information about Levy and adoption from foster care, click here for Indiana Adoption Program.

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