Wednesday’s Child: What Grace teaches others

Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 3:26 PM EDT
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(WNDU) - There are foster kids in need of a fresh start. They’re in need of adoption.

Foster children are often wise beyond their years. And that’s certainly the case for 15-year-old Grace. She wants to work with kids someday, because she knows from experience that they need patience, guidance and most of all, kindness.

Spend a few minutes with Grace, and you’ll quickly learn, she’s a kind and caring person.

“I like to do a few different things. I like to take care of kids. Kids are my number one thing,” said Grace, a future teacher.

“I want to be a teacher for elementary school students,” explained Grace.

And she knows what kind of a teacher she doesn’t want to be.

“There’s a lot of teachers that yell at the kids,” said Grace.

Grace knows that kids need kindness.

“Because I was a child that was like neglected and abused so I just took a lot of time recognizing what I need and how I need it. Understanding what a child goes through. How a child grows up, and how they develop,” said Grace.

After spending the past 6 years in foster care, Grace is hoping to be adopted by a single parent.

“I’d rather have that because I’m so used to it than have a two parent home that I’m not used to,” said Grace. “I’m just hoping that they’re like loving and caring.”

And patient when she doesn’t want to clean her room.

“Because I don’t like cleaning my room,” admitted Grace.

Grace is a big fan of animals. Well, some animals.

“I’ll gladly have a home with pets as long as it’s no reptiles. I can’t do reptiles,” said Grace. “No snakes for me.”

Grace is creative. She likes art.

“I also like to sew. And to color and draw. And paint,” said Grace.

She’s also a fan of school activities.

“I like to do gymnastics and cheerleading. If I could watch any sport it would be football,” said Grace.

She’s one kind kid with a bright future worth cheering for.

Grace would like to travel with her new family and she has a dream vacation on her wish list. She wants to go to Hawaii. If you would like to learn more about Grace, just go to our website and click on this story for links to Indiana’s Adoption Program.

Grace - Indiana Adoption Program

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