ND Spring Football: Familiar face returns to lead offensive line

Published: Apr. 8, 2022 at 12:19 AM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - The Notre Dame football team has a lot of new faces on its coaching staff for the upcoming season—but one of those faces is familiar to a lot of Irish fans.

Harry Hiestand served as Notre Dame’s offensive line coach from 2012-2017. Now, a decade after his first stint with the Irish began, he returns to lead a promising unit that started slow last season but found its footing as the year went on.

So far, the players say they’re adapting well to his coaching and appreciate his approach.

“For him, it’s just about picking one thing every day to get better at,” says offensive lineman Jarrett Patterson. “It’s not looking at the whole big picture. It’s little things every single day. What can you improve on that day and master? And then move on to the next day.”

“If you come out and you’ve got five different things, then you’re going to get lost and you’re going to get mixed up in the pile,” says offensive lineman Josh Lugg. “But, if you come out and do one thing—I always just write one thing on my hand as just a little reminder—if I focus on that today, I got a little bit better. And I watch the film: ‘Did I fix it? Okay good, what’s the next thing I can improve on?’ When you can establish a process like that, then you’re really going to start seeing a progression.”

The spring practice season will continue all the way up to the Blue-Gold Game on April 23.

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