UPDATE: Alyssa Shepherd released from prison

Published: Mar. 8, 2022 at 6:23 PM EST
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Update: Alyssa Shepherd, the driver convicted of killing three siblings at a Fulton County bus stop, is out of prison. A spokesman for Rockville Correctional Facility confirmed she was released to her family just before 7 a.m. on Wednesday.

Fulton County Prosecutor Michael Marrs said Shepherd will begin roughly three years of GPS-monitored home detention followed by three years of probation.

Marrs added her license is suspended for 10 years from her release.

Brittany Ingle, whose children were killed, told 16 News Now she questions whether or not Shepherd is remorseful for her actions, citing examples such as Shepherd asking for a new trial in 2020 and reportedly being worried about getting to work following the 2018 crash.

“She’s had enough time, if she cared enough to reach out or write a letter or have our attorney. I mean, she’s done nothing to you know, advocate for school bus safety,” said Ingle.

Regarding advocacy, that’s where MAXSTRONG came in - a powerful word that honored the initials of Mason, Alivia, and Xzavier - that became a call from the Ingles and others for reforms to school bus safety.

Indiana state lawmakers heard their call, and about eight months after Ingle’s children were killed, the MAXSTRONG School Bus Safety Act took effect, a law heavily covered by our Tricia Sloma.

Part of the law stiffens penalties for anyone who illegally passes a school bus.

“This doesn’t bring my children back. But if I can prevent a family from going through what I go through every day, and I can give a child a fair shot at life, something Mason, Alivia, and Xzavier didn’t have that morning, I want to do it,” Ingle stated.

She hopes to take MAXSTRONG to a national level to help prevent bus stop tragedies.

Original story:

The driver convicted of hitting and killing three siblings and seriously injuring another student in 2018 will be released from prison on Wednesday.

Fulton County Prosecutor Michael Marrs confirmed Alyssa Shepherd’s release with 16 News Now, indicating she will serve roughly three years of home detention while wearing a GPS-monitoring ankle bracelet followed by three years of probation.

“We obviously wanted more time, executed at the time of sentencing, the judge sentenced her to what he did, which was a 10-year sentence with four years executed, and then she got the time cut,” explained Marrs.

Marrs said Shepherd completed a course through the Indiana Department of Corrections that sliced six months off her original sentence.

“I know for the family, you know, it’s very painful and disheartening, and, you know, their kids are, are gone forever, at least from this earth,” he said.

Twins Mason and Xzavier Ingle and their older sister, Alivia Stahl, were killed on October 30th, 2018 while Maverik Lowe has had 24 surgeries due to Shepherd’s illegally passing their school bus.

“It’s kind of divided the community because some people feel that we’ve criminalized an accident. And, my position has always been, I have no doubt that it was an accident. The problem is, it was a reckless accident. And if it’s reckless, it’s criminal,” Marrs remarked.

Shepherd’s driver’s license is suspended until 2032, according to Marrs.

16 News Now reached out to Shepherd’s lawyer and is awaiting a response.

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