#BettyWhiteChallenge helping animal rescue organizations across Michiana; including one shelter White donated to years ago

Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 6:21 PM EST
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MICHIANA. (WNDU) - Thousands of dollars have gone to organization’s across Michiana that are benefitting from the generosity of Betty White fans in the community.

“We didn’t go into this with any expectations, and are grateful for all the donations that come through,” said Abbi Carroll, the Director of Operations at the Whitley County Humane Society and Animal Shelter.

The #BettyWhiteChallenge went viral last week, asking fans to donate five dollars to any local animal rescue organization. The goal was to donate before January 17th, which would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday.

Across the country animal shelters and rescues received donations from the challenge, and the community in Michiana did not miss their chance to contribute to the cause.

“I was super shocked to come in the following day, because Monday’s our short day, so donations were coming through when we weren’t here, online. So I didn’t tally anything up until the Tuesday after, and was super surprised to see how much we had raised,” said Carroll.

Carroll told us that the shelter was able to raise over $7000.00 from the challenge.

“And I think it just goes to show that when we say every, every donation, every thing counts, every little bit helps, it just goes to show that yes, five dollars can add up pretty quickly,” said Carroll.

Carroll stated that with it being the beginning of the year, the funds raised will go towards general care for the animals, to help get them out onto the adoption floor.

The Whitley County Humane Society and Animal Shelter is no stranger to the legacy of Betty White and her love for animals, telling us that White had helped them in the past as well.

“We do an annual campaign at the end of every year, and apparently, I wasn’t here at that time, but apparently they sent out a letter to a bunch of celebrities, just to see what would happen, and we got a check for a hundred dollars from Betty herself,” said Carroll.

#BettyWhiteChallenge raises thousands for local animal rescue organizations in Michiana
#BettyWhiteChallenge raises thousands for local animal rescue organizations in Michiana(16 News Now)

A huge advocate for animal welfare, White would surely be pleased with not only Michiana, but the nationwide results of the #BettyWhiteChallenge.

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