Rezoning for tiny houses approved by Mishawaka Plan Commission

Published: Jan. 11, 2022 at 11:32 PM EST
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MISHAWAKA, Ind. (WNDU) - On Tuesday, the Mishawaka Plan Commission approves a request to rezone property near Jefferson Boulevard and Maplehurst Street.

Veterans with the Mishawaka Troop Town project want to put in eight tiny houses there.

“Right now the property is zoned as residential one and we are looking to rezone it as a r-3 multi-family unit,” said Co-founder of Mishawaka Troop Town Jim Metherd.

Some on the Mishawaka Plan Commission commented on the location saying: “It’s just a strange place for this.”

Others asked if they had consulted with neighbors.

“Would you want it next to where you are living? We are looking at property values, I mean I will just put it out there,” said one resident.

“I am all about helping these veterans. I come from a family of veterans. However, I just don’t feel this is the place for it,” said another resident.

“I am a solider myself with the Army National Guard. I just don’t think it’s a perfect fit,” another resident said.

“Everybody thinks it’s a marvelous mission if it’s somewhere else. And we have to start somewhere,” said Metherd.

After a long discussion, the Mishawaka Plan Commission ultimately voted to approve the request.

These tiny houses would serve as transitional housing; but in addition to housing, vets would also receive services to help with things like mental health and employment.

“We are not here to judge whatever got them in the situation they are in. We are here to help get them get out of this situation and become more gainful in our community,” said Metherd.

The project would cost $500,000.

Now the Mishawaka Common Council will decide if this moves forward.

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