Wednesday’s Child: Shelby’s shot at a brighter future

Published: Dec. 29, 2021 at 7:07 PM EST
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(WNDU) - There’s a sporty and smart 11-year-old foster girl who needs a new home. If you play basketball and football, then you might want to catch a few passes with Shelby.

She has a good shot at life!

“I want to be a police officer or an FCM, like a DCS worker,” said Shelby. Why? “Because I want to help people just like I’ve been helped.”

Shelby has been in the care of the state since she was 2 or 3-years-old.

“I’ve been bounced around in facilities and foster homes while I’ve been in foster care,” said Shelby. And she’s sick of it.

“Because I don’t have someone with me 24/7 like in a home,” said Shelby.

When she finally finds a new home with new parents, there’s something she wants them to know.

“That I’m good in school. And I get good grades,” said Shelby.

And there’s something she wants in return. It’s a simple request from a foster kid to an adult.

“Be a parent,” said Shelby emphatically. “Help us through our issues.”

That also happens to be a good quality for being Shelby’s friend.

“Having their back and being honest. Even if they do something wrong. You still have their back and you’re honest with them,” said Shelby.

Honest answers from one great kid.

Shelby’s favorite food is manicotti. Her favorite animal is the cheetah. Why? Because they’re the fastest land animal and she runs fast.

If you would like to learn more about Shelby, click this link for Indiana’s Adoption Program.

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