Residents express traffic concerns near intersection of Poppy Road, Old Cleveland Road

Published: Dec. 27, 2021 at 7:15 PM EST
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ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) - No means no.

Some residents on a stretch of roadway where no trucks are allowed say the rule is routinely being broken.

A stretch of Poppy Road east of Old Cleveland in St. Joseph County has seen a lot of industrial expansion and there is more to come.

Bill and Karolyn Scott are in protection mode. Steel posts and large rocks in the front yard discourage the kind of corner cutting typically associated with big rigs.

“Basic problem is too many semis up and down Poppy Road/ Old Cleveland,” Bill Scott told 16 News Now. “We just need something done, and it’s tearing the street up pretty bad. This corner here is a mud hole and over there, it’s all caving in.”

“It’s too much for the residential area that we live in. Way too much, added Karolyn.

The Scotts have lived in the neighborhood for 26 years. Long enough to see tremendous industrial growth in the surrounding area, that is poised to continue.

“It’s not a designated truck route, but the county police doesn’t have the time to enforce that, so we’re looking at other specific ways to educate the truckers,” said St. Joseph County Commissioner Derek Dieter. “Maybe video cameras where you’re able to send a little clip to Peterson LLC delivery services, your people were driving down this road where you shouldn’t have.”

It has also been suggested that the solution may be as simple as tweaking an app.

“From what I’m understanding, people have told us that they have the Google app, and they say the Google app is sending them down Poppy Road,” (not recognizing that Poppy is off limits to heavy trucks).

Residents brought their concerns to the St. Joseph County Council last month. The first step involves conducting a traffic count.

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