31-year-old father asking for help after being diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer

Published: Dec. 6, 2021 at 12:21 AM EST
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COLOMA, MI. (WNDU) - On October 12th, Brandon Smith was admitted to the emergency room after complaining of stomach and back pain.

“I went to work one day and uh, I just wasn’t feeling well. I thought I maybe had like ate something bad like maybe food poisoning or something,” said Brandon Smith. “They ran some blood work and ran some CT scans and found that my stomach lining was covered in cancer.”

Smith, who is a father of an 8-year-old son, and is expecting another child with his fiancé, Lauren, next month was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer.

“Things are so much different. You realize what’s more important...,” said Smith.

Since his diagnosis, he has had to stop working, and due to it, hospital bills have been piling up.

To provide some help, Smith’s best friend has set up a GoFundMe in his honor.

“For the doctor bills, so I don’t get behind on those, and then uhm just normal every day car maintenance, and Christmas, and bills, and groceries, and the new baby, and the fiancé, and we have a dog, Moose,” said Smith.

Smith has been told by his doctors that he only has years left to live, not decades.

However, to try to extend that time, Smith is set to travel to Houston, Texas next week to undergo treatment.

“You realize that, you know life is, tomorrow’s not promised. Life is short, and uh, you learn not to take certain things for granted,” said Smith.

The link to Smith’s GoFundMe: Fundraiser for Brandon Smith by Shawn Marschke : Help Brandon beat cancer!!! (

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