St. Joseph Co. Jail inmate charged with four felonies in murder-for-hire scheme

Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 6:15 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -New details out of the St. Joseph County Jail.

31-year-old inmate, Joshua Cassel faces 4 new felony charges after detectives learned he made plans to have two people killed while he remained behind bars for an unrelated major felony charge.

He now faces a pair of Level-1 attempted murder charges and a pair of Level-2 conspiracy to commit murder charges.

The probable cause affidavit shows how he used his network inside the jail to set up the two murders on the outside, unaware some of his conversations were going straight to law enforcement.

Cassel originally spoke to an inmate unaware he was a confidential informant. Cassel asked if the other inmate knew anyone that could murder a man Cassel claims slept with his wife.

The informant said he did, but instead of setting Cassel up to speak with a hired gun, the informant set him up to speak with an undercover detective.

Cassel told the detective he’d pay $5,000 for him to murder his wife’s new boyfriend while also giving directions to the man’s work that lined up with this map Cassel gave the informant.

Cassel also said he wanted the target ‘out of the game’ and for the hit to happen ‘ASAP’.

The second time Cassel met with the detective, he said there was ‘someone else’, referring to his father-in-law.

A few days after the investigator first met with Cassel, the two met a second time. Cassel said there was ‘someone else’, referring to his father-in-law.

Police learned Cassel wanted his father-in-law killed too, claiming he was causing problems between Cassel and his wife.

Cassel clarified he wanted his father-in-law shot by pointing out a window close to where the target usually sits at home in a map he gave to the detective, believing he would carry out the murder.

The map included his father-in-law’s address, cross streets, and info on his daily habits.

Cassel told the detective he wanted his father-in-law ‘popped’.

He also confirmed the ‘green light’ for the hit on his wife’s new boyfriend during that meeting, providing a map of the target’s work and where he spends the most time

Cassel said he would pay for the jobs by borrowing money from the informant, getting money in his tax returns, or by lying to his grandmother saying he needed money for attorney fees.

Cassel could face up to 140 years in prison if he’s convicted for the two Level-1 and two Level-2 felonies.

Cassel is still housed at the St. Joseph County Jail with no opportunity to post bond.

His initial hearing is set for Nov. 29th.

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