The legendary Gary Sieber is back after open-heart surgery

Published: Nov. 13, 2021 at 11:31 PM EST
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Our favorite Saturday morning weather guy is back.

And so is the poetry.

Gary Sieber spent the last five weeks recovering from open-heart surgery.

“I just think the surgery helped. I am hoping at the end of the full recovery, which they say is three months, I am hoping I will feel even better than I did before,” said Gary.

It all started back in 2018 when doctors expressed some concern after reading his echocardiogram.

“They noticed that my aorta, where it attaches to the heart, was enlarged. It wasn’t big enough that they felt they needed to do something right then; but they watched it over a period of years, and it started to grow and that’s one of the danger signs of an aneurysm. When it grows to a certain size it can rupture and that would be catastrophic,” said Gary.

Doctors eventually recommended surgery.

“‘Doc, I have no symptoms. I have no problems. Are you sure I need to do this now?’ And the words he told me are very memorable. He said, ‘Most people who die of aneurysm’s never even knew they had one,’” said Gary.

He said the team at Elkhart General Hospital was encouraging throughout the entire process.

“When I had my first meeting with Dr. Halloran, I said, ‘I’m scared.’ He said, ‘You’ve got this!’ He was very disarming. I felt very confident. He really put us at ease,” said Gary.

He went in for surgery on October 6 and left the hospital four days later.

Gary said the doctors and nurses were phenomenal

“I just have such incredible admiration for them,” he said.

Gary said his surgery was put off for three weeks because of a lack of staffing and resources.

His doctor told him important surgeries are being put off because of COVID, which is why he is encouraging people to get the vaccine.

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