29-year-old found dead in the woods in Elkhart County has been identified

Published: Nov. 11, 2021 at 6:56 PM EST
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ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) - The 29-year-old woman found dead in the woods in Elkhart County has been identified by friends and family as Kayla Richey.

Richey was in the area to go to rehab to be able to keep custody of her children.

“I know those babies are hurt. I know they miss their mom. You know, they hadn’t seen her in so long,” says Cortiney Hall, Richey’s friend since sixth grade.

Richey, a mother of three, struggled with addiction, so her children had been staying with their father.

“I also reached out to quite a few places in Elkhart, you know, for her to get help, and when they called me and say she never showed up, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh,’” says Hall.

Richey’s mother, Shannon Tubbs tells us that she was alerted to Richey’s disappearance after finding a note that was left in the mailbox detailing where Richey was headed, asking her mother to pick her up if she got the note in time.

Unfortunately, Tubbs did not find the note until two days later, once it was already too late.

Sadly, during a police search on Wednesday, Richey’s mother stumbled upon her body.

Tubbs understandably did not want to speak on camera, but tells us that her daughter’s body was found in the same wooded area as prescriptions she had just bought at the Walmart, not far from those woods, on Corwin and North Shore Drive.

“You know, I prayed every day. Every day and night I went to bed, I prayed for her. Everyday. But she was so kindhearted, there was nothing negative about her. Nothing. She was always such a good Samaritan I mean she was always trying to help the next,” says Hall.

Richey’s mother tells us that an official autopsy will be conducted tomorrow to determine the cause of death.

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