South Bend veteran to turn 100-years-old on Veterans Day

A South Bend World War II & Korean War vet is gearing up for his 100th birthday
Published: Nov. 4, 2021 at 6:34 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - It’s not everyday you find a veteran who turns 100-years-old on Veteran’s Day.

“I guess it’s kind of unusual.”

But this year for Arnold Compas, a World War II and Korean War veteran, will be doing just that in his home at Brookdale Assisted Living in South Bend.

You have anything special planned for your 100 birthday?,” Compas was asked. “For my birthday, no. They probably will have something planned here but I don’t have anything planned,” Compas said.

That is because Compas says he done everything. In fact, when asked if there was still anything on his bucket list, Compas was confident in his answer.

“No, no…I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do,” Compas said.

To understand what he meant, Compas handed over an envelope marking many of the memories he had growing up.

Each piece of paper represented something close to his heart. One of them was earning first place in a shuffleboard contest. Another explained his love for square-dancing. But nothing was more surprising than the time he says he found $10,000 while shopping for a mattress and returned it to the man it belonged to.

“You know when I gave it to him, his wife said if he lost it, I would have killed him,” Compas said laughingly.

Though, when it comes to living a long and happy life, Compas says his he doesn’t have one.

“I don’t think there is a secret to it. I think it’s just one out of a few that to be that old.”

But like everyone on their birthday, Compas will get a birthday wish too. But as he told 16 News Now Thursday, he says he doesn’t need one.

“I really don’t care if I get anything because there isn’t anything I need that I can use,” Compass says.

Compas says his only advice he can give to living to 100 is staying healthy and getting lucky.

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