Wednesday’s Child: Seth seeks new family

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 6:11 PM EDT
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There are foster teenagers in need of a permanent placement. Kids like 15-year-old Seth from Indiana whose video was shared by Grant Me Hope.

Seth is a country music fan. His favorite singer is Jason Aldean.

“I like to listen to country,” said Seth. “I really would love to go see Jason Aldean in a concert because he’s a really great singer.”

Hanging out with friends is Seth’s favorite pastime. He’s loves riding bikes and playing on the trampoline. Movies are also a good activity.

“My favorite movie is Hulk,” said Seth. “He’s really strong and he can destroy stuff.”

Seth wants to find a permanent home where he can be safe and live his dreams of helping others someday.

“When I grow up, I want to be a police officer because I want to help people,” said Seth.

Being a child in the care of the state is difficult, but for Seth, it’s made easier by the workers at the Department of Child Services.

“Something that makes me happy is talking to my DCS worker,” said Seth. “It brings me joy and talking to somebody that actually cares about me.”

He looks forward to connecting with his forever family.

“Family means somebody that brings me in, have a roof over my head,” said Seth. “Just people that would take me in and care for me.”

For more information about Seth, click here for links to Grant Me Hope and the Indiana Adoption Program.

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