Truth Test: Does the Covid vaccine make you ineligible to donate plasma?

Truth Test: Does getting the Covid-19 vaccine make you ineligible to donate plasma?
Published: Oct. 18, 2021 at 5:45 PM EDT
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(WNDU) - In tonight’s Truth Test, we’re taking on a subject that has a lot of people talking right now, the COVID vaccines. Some believe that it will affect their ability to donate plasma -- so we’re putting that to the truth test.

In 2019, the annual number of donations stood at 53.5-million.

Mary, a local expert from the South Bend Medical Foundation, tells us, “No it does no,t and there is a couple different ways of donating plasma. You can donate regular plasma, or there was convalescent plasma that we were collecting from donors who had COVID.”

It is important to know though, South Bend Medical Foundation is asking donors to wait 3 days after vaccination---Here’s why:

“We decided to have the 3 days, just in case because sometimes you can have a reaction to donating blood and we don’t want to say ‘well was it the vaccine or was it the donation?’ So we went with the 3 days just to have that time period in between the vaccine, just in case they were going to have a reaction to that or with donating and then we would know if it was from donating,” Mary says.

We’re also bringing the ‘Trust Test’ to the American Red Cross.

Hyacinth Rucker from American Red Cross says, “The covid-19 vaccine does not make you ineligible to donate plasma.. The American Red Cross takes whole blood cells and then later down the line, plasma is taken from that. We want you to donate whole blood and from there is where we take platelets and plasma.

So the statement, ”The Covid-19 Vaccine’ makes you ineligible to donate plasma” has failed the truth test, ultimately being proven FALSE.

You can donate with or without the vaccine and now more than ever, centers need your help. The American Red Cross is dealing with an emergency blood shortage, and it’s affecting centers across the country. In fact, the blood supply is at its lowest post-summer level in at least six years.

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