Harold Lowe, beloved reporter, writes his final story

Published: Sep. 23, 2021 at 11:32 PM EDT
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Harold Lowe was truly loved for so many things in his community, and one of those things was his writing ability.

For many, even with his wife being such a talented writer as well, it only made sense that Harold Lowe wrote his own obituary.

“I said ‘of course’ I said ‘yeah’ and then I started to read it cause you know it starts of with saying’ well you probably know why you’re reading this, it’s because I’m not here anymore,’ I go ‘mm sounds just like Harold, sounds like my buddy.’ Yeah,” said Kathy Borlik, Lowe’s long time friend, fellow South Bend Press Club member, and fellow South Bend Tribune employee.

“He always had a joke for everybody, he was sharp, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that Harold would write his own obituary because he was that kind of guy,” said Gary Sieber, long time friend and fellow South Bend Press Club member.

Harold Lowe was not a man who wanted to be in the spotlight, but that didn’t stop him from lighting up every room he walked into and every story he wrote.

Including his own obituary.

“You know, Harold was just a guy who liked to have fun, and I think he would like to be remembered as a guy who always had a good laugh uhm and you could feel easy around, talking to, and just having fun,” said Sieber.

Lowe’s time at The South Bend Tribune was spent making sure that the newspaper was as vibrant and community driven as it could be.

“He was one of the people who made the news paper really really great,” said Borlik.

His time being a member of The South Bend Press Club was spent like most of his life; Making people laugh.

Specifically through the roasts, known as Gridiron ‘Hoaxes,’ that the club put on.

“He was just a big person, he was just a wonderful, friendly, great news guy. Great, great friend,” said Borlik.

The full Obituary can be read here: Harold Lowe Obituary - South Bend Tribune

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